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Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution Solutions

Family Dispute Resolution Solutions (FDR) & Mediation

Mediation & FDR Solutions

Families are natural generators of conflict. Conflict however is rarely the problem. It is how we behave when we are in conflict and the unhelpful patterns we create, that become the problem.

Mediation services help people disrupt their current patterns in order to engage with each other differently. It supports people to stop the argument, debate, attack, defence, avoidance and shut down. It supports and encourages people to open up and have constructive conversations. It is through these conversations, with the guidance of a mediator, that solutions become available.


FDR is facilitated over 1-3 hours.

My passion is in creating a safe and constructive mediation process so that people can have the conversations they really need to have and find creative solutions to their stuck problems.

I do not take sides or make decisions.

You stay in control of decision making.

You choose the solutions.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a service designed to assist separating and separated parents, families and whanau to resolve issues relating to the parenting and care of their children. It is child focussed and helps parents develop parenting agreements that are in the best interests and welfare of the children. The overall aim is to assist families to reach an agreement without the time, costs and stress of going to court. I provide FDR services through FairWay Resolution. Funding is available for those who are eligible.

I provide FDR & mediation services via video conferencing, phone or face-to-face.

“We achieved in two sessions what my ex-husband and I could not achieve over a number of years. We are now in a place where we are able to communicate better and are ready to work together, rather than against each other.”

I look forward to

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