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Communicate better, resolve conflicts, & create change in parent, couple and family relationships

Simon Dadley-Moore provides online and face-to-face mediation services for New Zealand and International clients.

10,000+ hours of family & relationship mediation, counselling and coaching.

Simon specialises in separated and re-partnered families. He is passionate about helping people with the awareness, skills and motivation to improve their patterns of communication, thinking and behaviour, and as a result, create more ease in their relationships and family life.

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Our Three-Step Process

At Mediation Solutions, we make the mediation process simple. Discover the three-steps to achieving a resolution for your needs.

Initial consultation
Call or email us for a free 15-minute consultation. During this time we will listen carefully to your issue and discuss the steps available for moving forward.
Creation & agreement of plan
We then create an action plan (including costs and funding solutions) and seek agreement from all relevant people involved.
Facilitation of the plan
Once the plan is agreed upon, we will begin mediation meetings and/or coaching and create movement towards positive change.


Simon Dadley-Moore

BA, GradDip (Dispute Resolution), PGCert (Supervision),
AAMINZ (Mediation)

Simon has over 25 years of professional experience helping parents, couples, families, children and young people resolve conflict, communication, and relationship issues.

His extensive professional history includes working as a social worker, youth co-ordinator, student advocate, probation and parole officer, alcohol and other drugs counselor, student and family support worker, mental health worker, family therapist, coach, mediator, trainer, and supervisor.

Why clients choose to work with Simon

Simon runs a highly successful mediation and coaching practice. He is well regarded by his clients and colleagues for providing exceptional service in complex situations.

Broad and unique skillset

Over 25 years’ experience, in a broad range of professions including mental health, alcohol & drug counselling, family therapy and mediation.

High level expertise

He has expertise in conflict resolution and conflict management, family systems, and the psychology of communication, human behaviour, and relationships.

Leader in online resolution

As a leader in the field of online conflict resolution, Simon has specialised in providing online solutions in Mediation, Preparation, Coaching & Supervision since 2015.

Simon cares!

Heart and empathy are integral to Simon and how he works. First and foremost, we are all human beings. Simon cares about you, your children & family, and the future for us all.

Learn, Inspire & Educate

My aim with these posts is to provide as much value as I can, share the wisdom I have learned from my years of experience. 

What people are saying

Seeing is believing. Read these positive comments and reviews for yourself. Due to privacy the names are in initials.

K.L. (Mediation)

Thank you so much Simon. I'm glad there are helpful people like you in the world who smooth these things over. It was absolute pleasure dealing with you through the process. It came out better than I ever imagined. I am stoked for the kids.

A.E (Mediation)

We achieved in two sessions what my ex-husband and I could not achieve over a number of years. We are now in a place where we are able to communicate better and are ready to work together, rather than against each other.

M.F. (PFM)

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for preparing me for mediation. It really helped a lot with communication and my calmness in that uncomfortable situation and helped me stay strong and keep true to my beliefs in my son’s wellbeing. I really appreciate your help. Take care.

L.M. (PFM)

Whatever you have done it is working on him. Over the last couple of weeks he has started talking to me and being civil.


You have helped me not just for the mediation but in my life. My anxiety is a lot less and I am sleeping better now.

T.G. (PFM)

Thanks to you, i felt well equipped beforehand and by the time it finished it was very clear to me how well you had prepared me. without your sessions i would have been toast. Things have been good since, just knowing i have some security. life gets better each day. thanks so much.

P.O. (PFM)

Hi Simon, the mediation went really well this morning! No anger, nice & calm, we resolved lots of issues, I had plenty of breaks so I could think clearly! Awesome result  Thank you so much for your coaching, it was really helpful!

A.T. (PFM)

Thanks for giving me tools to get back my spirit and soul from a person who always put me down. I feel we on now track for the best for our kids. Thanks again.

I look forward to

Working with you.

Contact me now to book a free 15-minute consultation.