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Preparation for Mediation (PFM)

Preparation for Mediation (PFM)

What is PFM?

Preparation for mediation (PFM) is a brief intervention designed to provide tailored, individual coaching and support for people prior to their mediation. It is highly educational and practical.

PFM provides people with the self-awareness, motivation and tools to change the way they engage in conflict resolution, thus changing the conflict itself. It builds capacity in many areas including: communication, self-regulation and conflict IQ. Mediation outcomes have shown that people who participate in PFM are more likely to reach agreements and resolution. 


PFM is facilitated over 1-3 hours.

Psychological Therapy

Since the birth of Preparation for Mediation in 2015, I have been at the forefront of developing and leading FairWay resolution’s PFM and their team of PFM providers. I am acknowledged as an expert in this field.

People end up in the mediation process because everything they have tried so far hasn’t worked. Too often people attend mediation and participate in the same old ways of talking, listening, negotiating, thinking and behaving.

They then invariably get the same outcome. If people want something different or new to come out of their mediation, they must participate in the mediation process in different or new ways.

PFM helps people at a deep level, understand the power of self-change and accept that they can create change by changing themselves. They can make a difference, by doing different. Once people fully accept this, PFM focuses on assisting them to identify, learn and practice tools for constructive behavioural changes.

PFM however doesn’t stop here. Both cognitive science and neuroscience have proven that human behaviour is at all times influenced by a person’s thinking, feelings, emotions and physiology. Therefore, to help someone change their behaviour, it is not sufficient to focus solely on their behaviour. People need to also make shifts in their ‘inner world’.

PFM supports people with the tools to regulate and optimise their physiology, emotions, feelings and thinking. It is through these internal shifts that people can then successfully carry out new behaviours in the mediation setting.

PFM outcomes include significant improvement in a person’s:

  • Ability to shift unhelpful patterns of communication, behaviour and thought.
  • Willingness and capacity to listen.
  • Ability to engage in discussion without attack or getting defensive.
  • Focus on a future & solution-focused narrative.
  • Capacity to regulate their thoughts, emotions and physiology and therefore lower their negative emotional arousal.
  • Understanding of their contribution to the solution.
  • Ability to maintain an open mind during the mediation process and increased awareness of their behaviour and how it helps or hinders in the mediation.
  • Feeling empowered and safe in the mediation process.

I provide PFM services around New Zealand via videoconferencing and phone sessions as well as face-to-face where possible. I provide PFM privately as well as for participants in FDR mediation through FairWay.

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